What Stan Does


Mostly I shoot Events, Travel,  Lifestyle, Environmental Portraits, Products, Commercial & HDR. I always like to tell the viewer a story in my pictures.

Digital Content Creator

I create digital content such as photos, videos, timelapses, sound & other digital content. The easiest & fastest way to buy my digital content, service/s & other craft is to go to my Stan E-shop.

White Label Content Creator

I also create digital white label content for businesses & large corporations. This content is especial made for you, I will never share it and never mention it was made by me. You can also keep all the rights if you wish to!


Mostly I shoot Events, Travel, Lifestyle & Vlogs!

Wexford Tips

I love Wexford so I created local site called wexford.tips. Have a look 😉

Workshops & Presentations

Simple, funny & energetic presentations are the most effective ones, I don’t like putting people to sleep, I like to keep them up.

I do photography workshops & presentations for beginners, called;

” Photography 4 Beginners “

I also do funny presentations on marriage, called;

” How To Survive In Marriage, The Funny Way! “

Both is presented in funny way so the audience is entertained so they will not fall asleep.

And Then I do also;

” E.U. eCommerce website setup 4 Beginners”

On-line shopping is growing fast so why not sell to millions. I do step by step on how to set up digital shop, the way I set it up. It includes technical & accounting stuff as well.