Hello, Stan Here.

Are You Looking For Stan The Man, The Digital Content Creator, Based In #Wexford #Ireland?  You’ve Just Found Me. 😉

What Stan Does

I Create Digital Content such as Photos, Videos, Timelapses, Audio Sound Effects & Other Digital Content.

Mostly I Shoot Events, Travel,  Lifestyle, Environmental Portraits, Products, Commercial, Backgrounds, HDR, Light Painting & Audio Sounds Effects.

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The easiest & fastest way to buy my digital content, service/s & other craft is to go to my Stan E-shop.

About Stan

Locals call me Stan The Man or just Stan so call me Stan.

Originally from the Czech Rep. with German roots so I always say Half Czech / Half German,  living in Wexford Ireland. That explains my accent, just in case you wonder. 😀

Simply; Easygoing & ( Maybe ) Funny .?.? And … I Love Coffee 😉

Hire Stan

So you would like to hire me, you’re awesome! You can drop me an e-mail, call me or we can meet for a cup of coffee or tea & talk or simply buy my digital content, service/s & other craft at my eShop.

Call Me +353-87-6044343

Monday – Friday 9am-4pm (GMT)

Telegram Me +353-87-6044343 # @stanprucha

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I will do my best to reply to you asap 😉 Sometimes it could take few minutes or hours, all depends on how busy I am, where I am & what time it is in Ireland!

Thanks a lot, See You – Stan