Are You Looking For Me, Stan The Man The Photographer, Videographer, Blogger, Vlogger & ….. Based In Fabulous Wexford Ireland?

You’ve Just Found Me. 😉

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About Me

Locals call me Stan The Man or just Stan so call me Stan.

Originally from the Czech Republic with German roots so I always say Half Czech / Half German. I’ve been living here in Wexford in the southeast of Ireland for around 16 years and loving it. That explains the funny accent, just in case you wonder. 😀

Simply; Easygoing, ( Maybe ) Funny & Friendly Lad from Wexford .?.? And … I Love Coffee 😉

What I Do


Mostly I shoot Events, Travel,  Lifestyle, Environmental Portraits, Products, Commercial & HDR. I always like to tell the viewer a story in my pictures.

Stan Prucha E-shop

The easier way to buy my digital content, service/s & license/s & other craft is coming up your way!


Mostly I shoot Events, Travel, Lifestyle & Vlogs!

Blogging & Vlogging

I love Wexford, Blogging & Vlogging. When you mix it all together well, you get Wexford Tips, Wexford Travel & Lifestyle Blogs & Vlogs. Have a look at wexford.tips. I bet you would like it! 😉

Workshops & Presentations

Simple, funny & energetic presentations are the most effective ones, I don’t like putting people to sleep, I like to keep them up.

I do photography workshops & presentations for beginners, called;

” Photography For Beginners “

I also do funny presentations on marriage, called;

” How To Survive In Marriage, The Funny Way! “

Both is presented in funny way so the audience is entertained so they will not fall asleep.


Hire Me

So you would like to hire me or sponsor me, you’re awesome! You can hire me for photography, videography, blogs, vlogs, events, presentations, social media or who knows for whatever-else.

For all Business inquiries, you can drop me an e-mail, call me or we can meet for a cup of coffee or tea & talk or simply buy my digital content, service/s & license/s & other craft at my E-shop.

Call Me +353-87-6044343

Monday – Friday 9am-4pm (GMT)

Contact Me


I will do my best to reply to you asap 😉 Sometimes it could take few minutes or hours, all depends on how busy I am, where I am & what time it is in Ireland!

Thanks a lot, See You – Stan